• Where to go dogging

    We list actual dogging locations that are actively used, together with full contact details, maps and directions, reviews, photos and videos to allow you to get involved and meet up with other members and GO Dogging

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    Where to go dogging

  • Dogging After Dark is one of the biggest dogging websites available, with dogging locations, photos, and contacts, this site is a genuine dogging contact site for people who indulge in dogging, and all our content is real genuine photos and videos taken by members and uploaded by members. We also have a huge swingers section and dogging forums. We have been on the internet since 1999 making us one of the largest and most comprehensive dogging website on the internet.

    Dogging is when people meet up in country car parks and secluded beauty spots that are known places to meet up for sex. Most couples arrive looking for groups of total strangers so that the wife can get fucked as her husband watches multiple men do her in front of him. You will also find that a lot of women on our site go dogging on their own looking for men to fuck them in public while other guys stand around and watch, waiting their turn, and many of the women are happy to suck and fuck groups of guys in a public car park, and they eagerly encourage guys to have sex with them as other guys stand and watch and masturbate or join in if invited.

    Where to go Dogging - We list actual dogging locations that are actively used, and you can find all the information you need in our members area, together with full contact details, maps and dogging locations to allow you to get involved and meet up with other members who are also into dogging. New locations listed weekly with maps and directions, reviews and arranged meets.

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  • been dogging a few times, never found much bar single gay men (luckily with cars slower then mine) signed up to loads of dogging and swingers sites n spoke to a wide variety of class a WANKERS! all these people that are as ugly as a frankenstine chewing a wasp whilst having a heart attack that have "sexycpl" as a username lmfao

    signed up to afterdark ages ago but tbh hardly used it for a long time as i couldnt get onto many threads but that soon changed, after a email come through sayin forums were unlocked i started noticing more local ppl on here and found they do exsist and are real!


  • Met with a very gorgeous new member last night for some dogging fun!
    Like most he was sceptical that I was really real and did exactly what my site portrays I do, and meet with my members!
    So he went with his gut instinct and drove from Warwickshire to Gloucester to meet me!, the look of delight on his face when I pulled up was magic!
    He followed me to a quite location near by and I couldn’t wait to start sucking on his cock!, I was very pleasantly surprised when he pulled out a really nice fat cock!, I just knew this would feel amazing stretching my tight cunt!!

    Rachel Reveals

  • Lots of genuine people, the biggest problem is many think all they have to do is signup and then they get laid in 24hours LOL, doesn't work like that on any website, it takes time and patience and effort!
    After Dark sure is the best site on the internet for dogging and swinging
    its full of genuine real non clicky members unlike swinging heaven who are full or time wasters and little clicky groups.
    You are able to post and say anything you want here and the support team should you have a problem are there on hand pretty much 24/7

    Joe James